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What's Good? Welcome to the official and only website for Skinz Inc. Stick around for updates on live shows/performances, new music, and Official Merch. Check out some of our sponsors while you're here!

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Skinz Inc started as a dream. Just some people sitting around tired of being told things they couldn't do. Realizing the potential of some local artists our team realized we all wanted more. So recording artist "Skinz" gathered together some of New York's best artists and said if we all support each other, we can all succeed together. That quickly became the essence of a new Brand, Skinz Inc. Now stands a conglomerate of dancers, music, freestylists, singers, artists, models, Hoopers, Free-Runners and more. Anime lovers, weebs, and free spirits welcomed. Skinz inc stands with those looking out for each other whether it be Black Lives looking to express themselves, Sex workers trying to be free from shaming, or your typical philosopher stoner who talks a little too much. We're here to come together and make freely expressive art, thanks for all your support.

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